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What Is Kindle Paperwhite? It’s Advantages And Disadvantages

Kindle Paperwhite Screen Replacement is one of the premium e-readers available on the market. This e-reader is equipped with many excellent features, which will make your book reading experience a lot better. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this incredible device in this guide.

In the Kindle family the Paperwhite is the backlit one, what does it mean? That having an illuminated screen allows you to read even in the dark, in addition to some extra features that we will discover below.

The advantages of Kindle Paperwhite

Always read with Kindle Paperwhite

Among the strengths of Kindle Paperwhite, there is first of all the possibility of reading in full light.It is amazing how well you see even in full sun, which is impossible for those who have tried to read on a normal tablet.In addition, with the backlit screen, you can read even at night, without having to keep a light on.

The lightness of an e-reader

This feature of Kindle Paperwhite is a remarkable plus, no fatigue to keep it in your fingers even for hours, less than a traditional book

To each his own character

The character you want. No problem changing the font size on the Amazon Kindle Update. You can increase or decrease it to your liking, perhaps in the evening when you are more tired.The screen has a definition of 300 PPI (dots per inch), which is a very high value and allows you to have a very high text quality.

You can read as much as you want

The Kindle Paperwhite is recharged with a normal charger with USB socket and the micro USB cable that comes in the package (charger no).It consumes very little and you can read for many days before the e-reader discharges.

You can also read in the pool

The new Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is waterproof (IPX8), so you can use it even in damp environments without problems, on the beach, swimming pool or bathtub. It won’t be a problem if your child suddenly arrives with wet hands or if you fall into the dog’s bowl.

A library always at hand

There are thousands of books, which can be stored on the Kindle in 8 GB version, and even more in 32 GB version.

As easy as reading a book

It takes no special skill to use Kindle Paperwhite.Turn on, choose the book and read.There is only one on and off button.Simple and extraordinary.

Lots of options for your Kindle Paperwhite

You can choose more or less memory, 8 GB or 32 GB, by displaying the offers or not (see defects below), only Wi-Fi (more than enough for me) or even 4G free (in practice you connect even outside the Wi-Fi network but pay Amazon).

The defects of Kindle Paperwhite

It’s not like a book but

It takes a bit of habit for the aficionados of the paper book, but the convenience and ease of use make it a very valuable object.It’s just a matter of habit.

Read in black and white

It is not a tablet and the fundamental thing is only in grey tones!People who are used to reading on the tablet will feel the lack of colors and the brightness of the screen, but get used to it quickly.It could be a problem with color PDF texts.

Slow reader

It’s a little slender compared to ordinary tablets, the screen sometimes has a slight delay, but we have to read, not participate in a speed race.I would have preferred a page movement and not a slow passage like on the Kindle.

Advertising on the reader

If you buy Kindle Paperwhite in the “with offers” version, the cheapest, when the reader is switched off, the book promotions and accessories appear on the display (not lit so does not discharge the battery).Personally, it is something that does not bother me and when one reads they never appear and never disturb.

Blue light

Being a backlit screen, it is not free from “blue light” emission, which would interfere with the quality of sleep.However, you can adjust the brightness level of the screen to dim the effect.

If you are using a Update Kindle Fire, which is not working properly, and the problem has a lot to do with the screen of the device, then you should go for Kindle Screen replacement because that’s the only solution.

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