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Kindle Won’t Turn On: What To Do?

Kindle is a product that Amazon didn’t think would make such a big name in the market of tablets, but apparently, it had and the numbers in terms of units sold continue to rise with every passing year. To use your Kindle e-reader, you first need to know how to operate it, which includes learning how to charge and power your device correctly. Amazon provides users with accurate troubleshooting tips for anyone who can’t turn on their Kindle.

Understanding Kindle layout

To turn on your Kindle, you must first understand the layout of the e-reader. The front of the Kindle includes the reading screen; this is the dominant feature on the front of the Kindle. Directly below the screen is a QWERTY-style keyboard. On the left of the screen, you will find the volume control, knobs, and buttons that allow you to move to the next page in your ebook, or back to the previous page of the Kindle menu. The power switch is on the top of the Kindle on the left side.

Turn on Kindle

While Kindle is working properly, turning the reader on is a one-step process. Locate the on / off switch on top of the Kindle. Slide the selector style knob to the position and then release. This will not only turn on the device, but it will also wake you from your sleep mode.

Troubleshooting Tip # 1: Kindle Charging

If your Kindle does not turn on by sliding and releasing the switch on the top of the unit, make sure the device is charged. Amazon recommends charging your Kindle by connecting it to a work computer. Connect the USB cable that came with the Kindle to the e-reader and your computer, make sure the computer is on and not going to sleep or hibernate during the charging process. You will know what your Kindle is charging when you see the words “USB Drive Mode” displayed on the screen and a charging light is found next to the USB port at the bottom of the e-reader is illuminated.

Troubleshooting Tip # 2: Turn off Wi-Fi

When your Kindle’s Wi-Fi connection is turned on, the device consumes more power. If your Kindle powers down shortly after you turn it on, try disabling the free WiFi. Press the “Menu” button on the left side of your Kindle, and select “Turn off wireless.” This should extend the battery life for the unit.

Troubleshooting Tip # 3: Reset Drive

If the problem persists, try restarting the device. First, remove the Kindle from any external power source. Then slide the power switch and keep it for at least 15 seconds. Finally, release the switch. This completes the redefinition process; try turning your Kindle back on by sliding the power switch.

Now, your Kindle should turn on and work normally, but if that doesn’t happen, don’t panic and call Kindle help and support, as they are the best people to assist you with this or any other problem related to your Kindle tablet.

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