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How To Use Kindle Freetime Conveniently On 2nd Generation Kindle Model?

With Kindle Free time built-in feature, you can customize the kindle  paperwhite help according to your child be it related to the content, a library of Ebooks or general apps installed in it so that your child can use it to the fullest under some conditions.

As we all know that thousands of content are stored in E-Library which is specifically meant for Children. In Kindle Free time, the basic details of the child will be displayed on the Kindle  Replacement screen. If your child wants to access the third-party apps, he will have complete access to those apps and the recently searched apps at the same time will be displayed on the screen.

Before starting with the Free time, you must add a parental control password first. After this, you can set up a child profile. The detailed steps of the complete process are discussed here in this post. You must read the complete post till the end.

Once you start using the Free time feature, all the titles apart from the one you selected will be blocked online and only limited kindle frozen contents will be displayed on the screen. Moreover, you can’t connect to Silk browser with Free time feature enabled on kindle. If you want to disable ‘Free time’, go to settings from kindle home screen.

Steps for setup:

  • Open Home screen and click on ‘Apps’.
  • Search for Kindle free time and click on it.
  • You will find the ‘Get started’ option. Tap this option.
  • Enter the parental control password to login to further settings.
  • Design a child profile according to your choice and add your child picture in profile image option.
  • Enter details like name, sex, and date of birth of your child.
  • You can create up to 5 profiles with different names on single kindle.

After creating the profile, you can start adding content from the online library or from local sources. If you want to take a special subscription for this profile, you can from the Kindle store. After subscription, you will start receiving the new content notifications automatically on-screen. If you witness your child has an inclination towards studies, you can set a time limit for learning on the child profile. Tap ‘Done’ in last to save the profile.

At the same time, if you want to edit some information in the existing profile, then follow the same path i: e, open Free time and go to ‘Manage content and subscription’ option. In case you need any help, you can go to the Kindle help section.

How to use Free time

Once your profile is ready, you can click to open it. Go to ‘Screen icon’ from the home menu and select profile you want to open.

  • Select any content from the huge library or book you want to read. Download it in your device and start reading according to your convenient time and place. Amazon Kindle offers books for every genre.
  • To exit Kindle Freetime, go to ‘Settings’> Click on ‘Parental control’> Enter the password to verify. Click on ‘Exit free time’.


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