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How To Update Kindle And Customize E-Reader Screen

Kindle Paperwhite is a favorite of e-readers, as the model comes with built-in light for reading anywhere. To add new features to the device, Amazon Kindle Screen Replacement releases software updates from time to time, which users can download automatically or manually from the official website of Amazon. In the last few updates, Amazon has focused on including updates that give users more options to customize on their devices along with easier access to settings.

In addition, the search for ebook recommendations is revamped and the user can still share their favorite titles. If you want to know how to get all those features, then you should go through this tutorial in which, all the details related to upgrading Kindle are given.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon upgrade site for the sixth Generation Kindle PaperWhite Help and 7th Generation model. Then click on the “Download Software Update” link to download the system package.

Step 2: Plug Kindle Paperwhite into your computer using the traditional USB cable. In the “This Computer” window, note that Kindle will be added between devices.

Step 3: Now just drag or copy the downloaded update file into Kindle. Be careful to transfer the file to the default directory and not into a folder. Wait for the item transfer.

Step 4: When done, right-click on the Kindle item and select “Eject.” Then unplug the USB cable from the computer. Make sure your Kindle battery is full before you begin the procedure.

Step 5: Now on Kindle, tap the menu icon indicated by “three lines” at the top right and select “Settings”. Then select the top-right menu with “three lines” again and choose “Update Kindle.” Confirm in “Ok”.

Now you just need to hold on for a few minutes because Kindle will restart and the update is going to be installed. Also, make sure not to press any button during the process, as that could jeopardize the entire process and your updates may not get installed.

New Custom Home Screen

Step 1: The home screen has been redesigned with new buttons at the top of the screen, reading suggestions, lists, library, and search bar. Thus, the personalized visualization with the special content for the user facilitates the use.

Step 2: You can quickly adjust basic settings such as brightness, sync and more settings with a shortcut button at the top.

That sums up the process of how to update your Kindle Paperwhite Screen Replacement and get customized e-reader screen. If you come across any issue in any of the aforementioned steps, then you should consult re-check the steps that you’ve performed because at times, we tend to miss one or two important points, which leads to undesirable outcomes. Make sure that didn’t happen with you. You can also consult Kindle experts regarding the process, and leave things to them because they are much better informed about the process of updating Kindle devices.


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