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How To Share Kindle eBooks On Facebook, Twitter And Email

Kindle owners who like to share eBooks have a simple tool at their disposal: send suggestions via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The most up-to-date version of the Kindle Paperwhite Help (6th and 7th Generation) template lets you share books directly on social networks or via email. Therefore, if you are reading an eBook on Kindle Replacement and want to share it with your friends or followers, then you have quite a few options for doing so.

This will allow a friend to receive the link to access the eBook and get a free preview of the file. The tip is useful for those who need to share digital books without wasting a lot of time.

Step 1: On Kindle, open the eBook you want to share with friends, and touch the top to display the feature menu. Touch the share button at the top right. Then choose the type of social network or email.


Step 1: Through Facebook, add your account information, such as login and password. After that, confirm “Next” and tap the “Link” button to confirm the data posting.

Step 2: If your account has 2-step verification, check the code and type in the “Password” field. Then confirm in “Next”. In the end, a sharing window will open, where you can write a custom message. To post, go to “Share.”


Step 1: With Twitter, the procedure is similar. Add the username and password of the account, confirming “Next.” Then tap “Link” to allow Kindle to post information to the social network.

Step 2: Finally, the sharing screen will open to post and post to the social network.

It is extremely easy to send Kindle eBooks via Twitter, however, if you are unable to send eBooks, then make sure that your Twitter account is active and the internet is running properly.

Send by email

Step 1: Kindle  Frozen also lets you send the eBook with read link by email. When accessing the tool, as shown in Step 1, change the sending information, such as “Add”, to enter the contact’s email. Confirm in “Save” on the second screen. Then simply tap “Edit” to change the subject and personal message. In the end, confirm in “Send”.

The user only needs to add account data the first time to link social networks with Kindle. The email is sent by Amazon’s internal service. After that, simply share directly by the button shown in the main Step 1.

With that, you will be able to share your Kindle Paperwhite Screen Replacement eBooks on email. But, make sure that you have a proper internet connection or else there will be issues in sending eBooks via email or any other online platform.


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