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How To Read Scientific Articles On Kindle DX

Amazon Kindle DX is an eBook reader developed by that allows users to buy, download, and read ebooks, newspapers, and magazines. Kindle DX users can also access PDF documents through Amazon’s Whispernet 3G wireless connectivity, allowing them to store and read personal and business documents on a Kindle. If you are using this particular Kindle model and want to read scientific articles on it, then you should go through the instructions given in the next section. Scientific articles are different from normal eBooks, so you need special arrangement for that.

Steps to read scientific articles on Kindle DX:

  1. Purchase scientific articles from the Kindle store at, or transfer your own scientific papers directly to your Kindle in PDF format via Whispernet. Amazon has a wide variety of scientific papers for sale if you are researching a topic. If you have PDF files stored on a personal computer, you can upload them to your Kindle DX simply by sending them to your custom Amazon-designated Kindle address.
  2. Select the name of the scientific article file you want to read. Go to the “Home Screen” on your Kindle DX and scroll through the title list until you find the scientific article you want to view. Open the document by scrolling over the name and clicking on the title, which will allow you to open the document to the title page.
  3. Use zoom and pan features to zoom and navigate through the document. Kindle DX lets you read text from a PDF document, and zoom in on a text area up to 300 percent, allowing you to review small details, including graphics, tables, or illustrations commonly found in scientific articles.
  4. Convert PDF documents to Kindle format when uploading them to your Kindle DX from your computer. Some features of Kindle DX, such as annotations or readme, cannot be used with PDF documents. To use these features, you can convert the PDF by typing the word “convert” in the subject area of ​​your email sending PDF. The PDF document will then be automatically converted to Kindle format and sent directly to your device via Whispernet.

Now, you can read scientific articles on your Kindle DX without any issue. However, if you are unable to open the articles, then you need to check whether Kindle DX supports the format of the article or not. If the format is supported, yet you are not able access the article, then there must be some other issue that you are facing, so you need to get in touch with Kindle help and support facility to find a solution to the problem.

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