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How To Password Protect A Book On Kindle

Although Kindle does not create or edit the password in protected PDFs, it does provide its own security for storing your files. You can assign the entire device a password, which users must enter each time Kindle turns to sleep on or off. The password prevents others from accessing your eBooks, including personal compositions you have imported. Perhaps most significantly, the password prevents others from using your Kindle to make purchases through your Amazon account.

We are going to discuss the process of creating a password for your favorite eBooks on Kindle, and we will be providing instructions on three different Kindles, i.e., the initial Kindle models, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD. If you are using any of these Kindle devices and want to understand the concept of password protecting your favorite eBooks, then you can check out the process from the section below.

Steps for password-protecting an eBook on Kindle:

Regular Kindle

  1. Press the menu button to open the Kindle device menu.
  2. Select “Settings” with the navigation button, then press the navigation button to open its Settings menu.
  3. Press “Next Page” to open the second page of the menu, and then navigate to “Device Password.” Select the entry to underline “Turn On”.
  4. Enter a password of up to twelve characters. Retype the password in the “Confirm” box and type a hint in the “Hint” box.
  5. Select “Submit” to password protect your device and your books.

Kindle Paperwhite

  1. Select the Menu button on the home screen and select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Device Options” followed by “Device Passcode” to open the password screen.
  3. Enter a password for each of the two text boxes, then select “OK” to assign it to your device.

Kindle Fire HD

  1. Swipe down and tap “More” to open your Settings menu.
  2. Tap “Security” followed by the “On” link next to “Lock Screen Password”.
  3. Enter a numeric password of at least four digits, and then tap “Next”.
  4. Retype the password and tap “Done”.

Now that you know the process of protecting your eBook from others by incorporating a password, you can rest assured about your eBook, as no one else can read it without entering the password, which you only know, and you won’t be giving it to someone that easily, right? In case, you find any issue in creating the password for your eBook on Kindle, then you can verify the steps, which you have performed to password protect your eBook by a Kindle expert, as he will definitely be able to identify the problem in your steps leading to creating the password.

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