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How To Download eBooks And Transfer It To Kindle eReader?

Did you buy a Kindle but do not know how to download books for it? To view the text in Amazon digital players, you must first download the desired file. And depending on the source of the text, this process can be done in several ways.

One of the easiest ways is to download to the PC and transfer via USB cable. That way you can access both Amazon Store texts and other e-book stores, as well as virtual library books or various repositories.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable supplied with the Amazon Kindle Screen Replacement reader to the PC. The other side of the cable, which carries a micro USB connector, should be inserted into the Kindle in an input that is on the bottom of the device.

Step 2: When connected to the computer, Kindle Replacement acts as a pen-drive, for which you can transfer text files and even music. If the Kindle has an access password, you must enter it, so that through the computer you can access the “documents” folder or the “music” folder (where the sound files are).

From now to the fifth step, the steps should be essentially followed by who wants to transfer PDFs directly, which is possible from the third generation Kindle, compatible with this type of file. From the sixth step onwards, it will be explained how to do the same procedure with ePub files (not compatible with current generations).

Step 3: Within the workspace, go to “Start” and go to “Documents”.

Step 4: A window will open. Look on the left side of this, between the external drives, for the corresponding link to Kindle and select it. On the right side, a list of available folders will be displayed. Click on the “documents” folder.

Step 5: Inside “documents” will be all text files. To add a new one, simply drag it into the folder or copy and paste it. When you are finished, disconnect the player from the computer and you will see the file listed on your Kindle’s menu. It is also worth remembering that many free texts in formats that Kindle accepts, such as PDF, are offered on the web.

Step 6: To download ePubs or any text file that is not compatible with the version of Kindle you have, you need to download Caliber, a software that works as a converter and file manager for the e-book reader.

Step 7: Install the program. It is practical and requires no configuration.

Step 8: With the Kindle already connected to the PC via the USB cable, open the program, click “Add books” and select the folder with the ePub files that you want to transfer to the digital player. In this process, the text will be stored in the Caliber library.

Step 9: After adding the book to the Caliber library, you should transfer it to the Kindle. To do this, select the file from the list provided and click “Send to device”. A message will appear asking if this ePub can be converted to a format supported by the device. You need to just confirm it.

At the end of the entire transfer and conversion process, it is worth checking the file inside the Kindle Frozen library accessible by the “Device” button. There you will find all the text files. It is possible to manage them in a very practical way and even read all, even if it is not ideal.

After following these steps, disconnect Kindle from your computer and enjoy reading.


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