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How To Add Movies To A Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is not just for reading eBooks, but it can be used as an external hard drive as well. However, for that, you need to connect the device to a computer and as you do, you can drag and drop files from any location onto your Kindle Fire device. Movies can also be transferred from computer to Kindle Fire, provided the format of the movies is MP4. Alternatively, you can add movies from your Amazon Instant Video library to your Kindle Fire as well. With Amazon Instant Video, you can easily buy movies or rent movies for a limited time period.


Convert movies to MP4

  1. Go to the Handbrake download page to get the free, open-source Handbrake video conversion software. The software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux based computers.
  2. Once installed, launch the software.
  3. Now, click “Source”, followed by “Open File” and then double-click the file you would like to convert. You can convert almost any file with Handbrake software such as MPG, AVI, WMV, MOV into MP4.
  4. In the ‘Presets’ section of the sidebar, you need to click on “Android Tablet”.
  5. Click “Browse” in the “Destination” section, and then, enter the file name (if you want to save it with another file name) and the destination where you want to save the converted file. Then, click “Save” followed by clicking “Start.” It may take up to an hour for the conversion process to complete, depending on the movie length and processor speed of the computer. You can check the progress in the Handbrake status bar and a notification will pop-up as the conversion completes.

Transfer movies to Kindle Fire

  1. Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer with the standard Kindle Fire USB cable.
  2. Press “Windows -E” to open my computer on a Windows computer or click the “Finder” icon to open Finder on Mac.
  3. Double-click the Kindle Fire device in My Computer if you are in Windows, or click the Kindle Fire item listed in the finder devices section if you are on a Mac.
  4. Drag and drop the MP4 movie file from the location where it is saved on your computer to the Kindle Fire’s “Video” folder. It will take a few minutes for files to transfer.
  5. Right-click the Kindle Fire list followed by selecting “Eject” once the file transfer is complete. Go to default Gallery app to launch the file on your Kindle Fire.

Buy or rent movies from Amazon

  1. To buy or rent movies on Amazon, tap “Video” icon from Kindle Fire home screen followed by entering the name of the movie in the search bar that you want to watch.
  2. Now, tap the button with the price that suits the type your purchase you would like to make. You can buy or rent most of the movies on Amazon Instant Video. Although renting a movie is a cheaper option, but then, the movie can only be watched for a limited number of times.
  3. Tap “Watch Now” after you buy or rent the movie to begin playback immediately or tap “download” to store the video on your Kindle Fire for later viewing. You can also watch the movie offline once you download it.

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